Jun 20, 2024  
The Elmira College Graduate and Professional Catalog 2023-2024 Academic Year-Volume I 
The Elmira College Graduate and Professional Catalog 2023-2024 Academic Year-Volume I


Elmira College Mission Statement

Grounded in the liberal arts and sciences, Elmira College provides a collaborative and supportive environment that enables students to become active learners, effective leaders, responsible community members, and globally engaged citizens. Proud of its history and traditions, the College is committed to the ideals of community engagement and intellectual and personal growth.

Mission Statement for Graduate and Professional Studies

In support of the mission of Elmira College, The Office of Graduate and Professional Studies promotes life-long learning through serving our community and region by providing a quality, distinctive, convenient, and affordable education. We assist our graduate students through successful completion of their academic and professional goals in a supportive, collaborative environment.

Disclaimer Regarding Programs, Course Offerings, and Other Requirements

The Office of Graduate and Professional Studies presents in this publication the official policies, rules, regulations, programs, courses, and financial requirements of Elmira College’s Master of Science (MS) and Master of Science in Education (MSED) programs with all due care and accuracy. Although information in this Catalog is current as of the date of publication, unexpected changes may occur during the academic year. Consequently, the listing of a course or program in this Catalog does not constitute a contract or guarantee that the particular course or program will be offered during a given year.

The College will announce changes in financial requirements well in advance, and will implement new academic requirements so that no student will be penalized by them. At the same time, students are responsible for their own academic programs, and are expected to cooperate with College officials in ensuring that all requirements are being met. Elmira College does not guarantee that discontinued programs or majors will be available beyond a reasonable length of time for completion of the program or major from the date of discontinuance.

In addition to the Graduate and Professional Studies Catalog, extensive information about Elmira College undergraduate programs, College policies, and services may be found in The Elmira College Undergraduate Catalog.